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Do you ever feel like you are in an endless cycle of trying to live healthier and just end up feeling overwhelmed, confused, alone, or defeated?

Most people try again and again to make healthier choices but find themselves:

  • Struggling to know exactly what foods are healing and what to avoid.
  • Bored of eating the same bland or boring foods again and again.
  • Fighting a loosing battle with cravings for sweets and snacks.
  • Missing the foods they love and just get depressed and quit.

I get it friend. That is why I created The Gut Reset group coaching. So that you do not have to do this alone. I will link arms with you every step of the way on your unique healing journey.

Join The Gut Reset Today

Our next Session starts Spring 2023

Foundational Principles of The Gut Reset

Reduce Overall Inflammation + Oxidative Stress

Remove Inflammatory Foods + Eat Healing Foods

Improve Detox-Elimination Pathways

Customize EveryBODY is Unique

Practice Wellness Habits for Sleep + Stress

Is The Gut Reset the next best step for you?

  • Are you are tired of feeling alone in your wellness journey?
  • Are you are ready to link arms inside of a supportive community and get the help you need?
  • Are you are confused about what you should eat? Paleo, Keto, AIP, Low Histamine, Whole 30, FODMAP, Carnivore (yes there is such a diet lol)?
  • Are you stuck in a food rut and need some fresh ideas to feed yourself and your family?
  • Do you want to teach your children better eating habits?
  • Do you get bloated or have embarrassing gas?
  • Are you unhappy with your body and struggling to maintain a healthy weight?
  • Do you poop less than twice a day - everyday?
  • Do certain foods seem to make you more tired, or irritable and snapping at your kids?
  • Have you been told you have IBS, Leaky Gut, H. Pylori, Parasites or Food Sensitivities?
  • Are you just ready to finally heal and get your life back!!

Join The Gut Reset Today

Our next Session starts Spring 2023

What is included in this 4 week group coaching program?

  • 6 LIVE Zoom group coaching sessions + Q&A with Kelly Couch, CFNC ($1,500 value)

  • Private Group Coaching portal where you can ask questions 24/7 and get personal support from Kelly + fellow group members.

  • 24/7 Access to the Coaching Portal and all Zoom Recordings for 90 days AFTER the program closes.

  • Individual Nutritional Assessment Evaluation Form with personalized symptom burden reports and personalized recommendations for 16 different body systems including Gastrointestinal, Vitamin/Mineral, Thyroid, Blood Sugar, Cardiovascular, Hormones and more...

  • Customized meal plan choices for your unique needs including Paleo, AIP, Whole 30, Clean Eating, low FODMAP and more...

  • Free 14 day access to "Plan to Eat" online meal planning software pre-loaded with all of Kelly's personal recipes and custom meal plans

  • Tons of snack and shopping ideas (with easy shopping links to Thrive Market online)

  • Access to the #1 tool I use with my private clients to help you customize your diet and identify what foods are healing foods to enjoy more of and what are trigger foods to avoid

  • BONUS: Weekly Wellness Wednesday topics including Digestive Health, Hydration, Sleep, and Managing Stress

  • BONUS: Get my top recommendations on the exact supplements and essential oils to help support your gut, keep you pooping (aka detoxing), support hydration, sleep, mood and more. Through my partnerships you get 15-25% VIP discounts on all of my favorite things.

What is your investment to get your life back?

Limited Time Offer $149.50 $299

You do not have to be alone and confused about your health anymore!

As a member of The Gut Reset community you can finally...

  • Get the support you need to finally heal and get your life back.
  • Calm the chaos around meals and what to eat every day.
  • Get support in creating a healthy meal plan the entire family will love.
  • Learn exactly what foods are healing for your unique body and what you should avoid.
  • Save time & money on supplements and diets that just won't for you.
  • Get your bowels moving daily and your detox pathways working for you.
  • Create important habits like mindful eating, chewing, hydration, sleep, and stress support
  • Be a part of a community that will encourage, inspire, and fully support you on your unique path to healing.

I am here to link arms with you every step of the way. There is hope for healing!

Meet Kelly!

Hi. My name is Kelly. I am a homeschool mama. Full time RV adventurer. Lover of Jesus. Lyme disease and mold illness warrior. You will often find me with a good book, cup of Roobios tea, and a hammock in the mountains.

As a Functional Nutrition Counselor I will teach you to use food and natural solutions to heal and get your life back. I will link arms with you every step of your journey. You are not alone! I help you to identify which foods, supplements, and lifestyle changes are the best next step for YOU!

I created this program to HELP YOU DO JUST THAT.

The #1 thing people ask me is, "Kelly, what is a healthy diet? I am so confused by all the "diet" choices. What the heck should I be eating?"

But this program is so much more than learning about a healthy diet. This is a total LIFESTYLE reset!

What people say about The Gut Reset...

Ruthie S. - Kansas

"If you're at all struggling with gut health, or even just *curious* if how you're eating is affecting your overall health, I encourage you to sign up for this course! The coaching was amazing, and I learned so much! And I am so grateful to you Kelly for all the personal attention you gave me in this program"

Kristine J. - North Carolina

"I never knew that really examining what I eat had anything to do with my mood or my body aches! Or snapping at my kids. Boy was I wrong, I wish I had made these connections sooner! And I have never paid so much attention to my bowel movements until this course, nor did I ever care until I learned how they can tell us so much more about our health and what is going on! Thank you Kelly!"